What's a MetaBaller?

A MetaBaller works hard and plays hard. Whether running out the door to get the kids to school on time or running up the last hill of a 10 mile training session, MetaBallers get "IT" done. They know that you get out of life what you put into it, and what you put into it must be authentic, high quality, and smart. A MetaBaller isn't the loudest in the room, and doesn't seek the spotlight, but always gets noticed. Look around - you will spot them - they stand a little a taller, smile a little easier, and they always, always have a ball!

Wayne Altman

Wayne Altman, MD, FAAFP

Professor and Vice-Chair of Family Medicine, Tufts University School of Medicine

Dr. Altman is one of Boston’s leading Family Physicians and has focused on integrating nutrition and wellness as important parts of his medical practice for the past 20 years.

In addition to being a practicing Family Physician, Dr. Altman is an award-winning Professor and Vice-Chair of Family Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine, with adjunct appointments at Harvard Medical School and University of Massachusetts Medical School. He has dedicated much of his professional career to helping people make permanent, positive changes in their health through wellness groups, and through his non-profit

Doctor Altman first discovered MetaBall to fit a need for his own children who have peanut and tree nut allergies. However, he continues to be a MetaBaller for more reasons than that, as he finds that they are delicious and they fit into his own nutrition rule, “The Altman Rule” which states that good food choices should follow the simple guideline that grams of protein + grams of fiber are greater than grams of sugar.

Because MetaBall falls within this equation, he is not only happy to consume them for himself and his family, he tells his patients about them too!

“What I love about Metaball besides the great taste and the allergy safety for my kids, is that it allows you to eat reasonable portion sizes and does not promote overeating.”


Meredith Borrelli

Mother of 2, School Teacher, Marathoner

Meredith has been a devoted MetaBall enthusiast for the past 6 years.  It started out as an experiment as she was looking for a natural, healthy source of energy to get her through her training sessions as she embarked on a new hobby of distance running.  Most energy products were bad tasting, difficult to digest and failed to fuel her through her workouts.  She had seen MetaBall at a local running store and gave it try.  Love at first bite!  Meredith says that MetaBall checked all of the boxes on her requirement list, and an added plus was she felt good enough about MetaBall's natural and nutritious profile to give it to her kids as a snack.
Meredith is now a regular on the marathon and half marathon circuit and calls running her passion; MetaBall has been with her each step of the way.  In fact she says running just isn't the same without them.
Her contributions to discussions on flavor options, ingredients, and the new smaller size have been invaluable to our continued mission of delivering the very best product possible.


Ivan Candeleria MS, ATC


Ivan is a physical and sports therapist, and trainer to athletes of all ages.  His company RPT (Raritan Physical Therapy) has been responsible for rehabbing, pre-habbing, and training NFL, collegiate, and high school football players as well as basketball, baseball, softball, lacrosse and soccer players, track athletes, wrestlers, gymnasts - the list goes on.  With over 15 years of experience Ivan has overseen all phases of an athlete's development, including nutrition.  
"MetaBall is such a unique product.  I wanted my athletes to have a balanced nutrition source, but it had to be convenient and easy to eat.  Workouts can go up to 3 hours here and fueling and refueling is critical.  MetaBall is easy to eat and digest, gives the athletes the macro nutrients they need - and they taste great.  It also plays a key role in recovery.  Whether recovering from a work out or from an injury the right type of food plays a key role.  Often times an individual loses their appetite when recovering, and exhaustion and/or medication can add to this problem. However, MetaBall is perfect - it packs a lot nutrition in a small, easy to eat, great tasting portion.
The fact that they are so well made and are a clean nutrition source lets me share MetaBall with my family as well.  We love them with Greek yogurt in the morning and as between meal snacks.  I won't let my kids eat most of the energy products on the market, but MetaBall is a constant in my house."


Justin Lindsey

Head Coach, The College of New Jersey Track & Field and Cross-Country Teams

In seven seasons Lindsey’s athletes have earned 52 All-American citations, 86 individual NJAC Champions, 50 school records and a national champion in the women’s 100m. During Justin's personal experience as an elite high hurdler, he was a 17 time conference Champion, 5 time all-east top performer, Olympic Trial Qualifier and a 3 time semi-finalist in the National Championships in the 60 meter high hurdles.  

Justin has always relied on the benefits of sound nutrition throughout his competitive and coaching career. He grew tired of the overly processed, poor tasting options on the market, and found it challenging to find healthy, balanced alternatives that conveniently fit into his busy schedule. Until Justin found MetaBall... 

Justin said about MetaBall, "It breaks the mold. The convenient, great taste and a smart nutritional profile that that can work for both pre- and post-workouts as well as mid-day snacks."  


Ashley Chard

Wellness & Lifestyles Educator, Women’s Basketball Coach

Ashley lives her life on-the-go. From work where she is a wellness educator, to assistant coaching women's college basketball, to her own varied work outs, continuing education classes, and weekend adventures. Seeking out the best quality food to fit her lifestyle and sharing with her friends and family is fulfilling, but also imperative with her active, high energy days.

“Eating clean and eliminating inflammatory triggers like gluten, diary and soy in my diet is important to feeling and doing my best. Leaving the house at 8am and returning at 8pm, I’m always looking for clean, good tasting nutrition with low sugar and substantial protein. MetaBall covers all of these. ”