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Addressing a need turned into a passion, which turned into an opportunity to help others.

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Dr. Susan Abramson earned her PhD in Biochemistry in 1994. Her career took her down a path of helping others through a creative mind, the miracles of science, and a belief that better solutions are possible. This couldn’t have been proven more true than when she started her own family and was confronted with the challenges of having 3 children (two of which were twins) who were extremely active in athletics and one who had an “off the chart” allergy to tree nuts and peanuts.

Essentially no solutions were available that met the requirements of allergy safety, nutritional balance, low sugar, and great taste. A better solution had to be just around the corner, or in this case Dr. Abramson’s kitchen. She knew that her children needed quality nutrition to fuel them through their busy days, and it would need to satisfy their often finicky taste buds - “if it doesn’t taste good we won’t eat it.” Combine that with the fact that it had to be free of nuts and peanuts, and a sizable challenge was born. After countless trials, the delicate balance was achieved and MetaBall was created.

The name Metaball was chosen because it reinforces key product attributes that are important to all active people including balanced metabolic support as well as the fact that the product is produced in bite sized, round pieces. This allows for convenient portion flexibility and the ease of eating MetaBall on the go. Dr. Abramson’s “better solution” was a hit with her children, but eventually became a frequently requested snack among friends, teammates, and others within her community (most of whom did not suffer from allergies at all).

The universal appeal of MetaBall was exciting, and Dr. Abramson saw an opportunity to help even more people with varied dietary challenges. The mission was then to create a nutritionally balanced product that was free from the 8 major allergens, gluten, and also suitable for Vegans.